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development system

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An overview, science and technology research and development

New tai company is China's chemical and physical power industry association, deputy director of the unit. Battery technology and application engineering center in henan province; Provincial enterprise technology center. Host and participate in the preparation of national military standard 3 items; The national standard 6; One industry standards. The only national silver medal products industry; Many products filled the country blank, the product in the same industry leading domestic level, to realize the economic and social benefits for the enterprise.

New taihang company based on the actual and the implementation of "internal actives, external open" the big development strategy.

Company has all kinds of scientific research in the field of technology and technical personnel 715 people, among them: has six enjoying special allowance of the state council of experts, more than 17 senior engineer level of internal technical experts. Internal enliven the first refers to the internal make full use of existing personnel.

One is the company's research and development system, around products and customer solutions, divided into multiple research laboratory, the r&d of responsibility clear; Second, in the company's research and development of each unit, have set up a professional research and development management, project, progress and achievements of research and development is responsible for tracking coordination, in order to improve the efficiency of research and development; Three is to put the pressure process is divided into three stages respectively stimulate research and development team, respectively is a research and development process has stages have year-end bonus reward, research and development achievements, research and development products linked to sales profit reward, trying to make each r&d as a boss, greatly improve the r&d staff's enthusiasm and effectiveness.

In the aspect of external development, the company make full use of external resources.

Company set up the national post-doctoral scientific research workstation, nesting on a.

Low since the establishment of the company attaches great importance to the path of development study, successively with tsinghua university, tianjin university, east China university of science and technology, Beijing nonferrous metal research institute, zhengzhou university, zhengzhou institute of light industry, henan normal university, Beijing aerospace, Shanghai aerospace and other well-known colleges and universities, research institutes to establish a stable relations of cooperation. Has been formed, which is based on enterprise technology center, and related colleges and universities, research institutes and other research institutions to maintain good relations of cooperation, set up scientific research and production association, to make organic combination together, accelerated the pace of industrialization of new products to promote.

Second, the new taihang battery research institute

New taihang battery institute is henan taihang company product development and technical innovation source of power.

Companies implement the "production generation, reserve generation, research, development, generation generation" development principles, around the needs of customers, design high reliability products, provides the individuality solution, take independent development, joint development of subsidiary mode of new product development, constantly optimize the product structure, promote the building of technical innovation system, cultivating core products and core technologies with independent intellectual property rights. Company has the provincial technology center, has the qualification of weapons and equipment research and manufacturing conditions, from product planning, design input, output, verification, validation, test, evaluation, and on the basis of the design platform, with technical committee as the theme, set up scientific research and professional management personnel, formed a complete and seamless system of scientific research, design, development.

Successively undertook the national 863 project, the torch plan, spark program, a number of national key projects such as the sun engineering task, made due contribution to China's national defense construction.

New taihang company's innovation of scientific and technological achievements in the military, civil and other fields have achieved good social benefits, "taihang" brand battery three consecutive follow the shenzhou spacecraft into space; Along with the jiaolong deep ocean floor 7000 meters range; "Speed" on China's high-speed rail on the ground; For the Antarctic expedition to provide a steady stream of energy security; So far the taihang products has entered the national railway, aviation and navigation, communications, transportation, coal, electric power and so on all walks of life.

New studies in taihang battery consists of four products: military and industrial research institute; A battery research institute; Lithium battery research institute; Power system research institute; A research and development department; A full performance test center.

Three, technical resources:

1, has a strong team of experts:

Has a strong team of experts, including battery experts, reliability, electrical and electronic experts, software development, the lithium battery experts, domestic top industry experts, etc. In which 5 Dr; 11 of 12 senior engineers, master; Undergraduate 53; Six distinguished industry renowned experts; Eight of part-time graduate students.

2, personnel training: annual recruitment and outside culture, external, master degree or above in technical personnel.

3, training: annual training plan, build system of archives, learn personal ascension help ACTS, such as: "six sex" training, electrochemical knowledge training, standardized training, EMC knowledge training, process training.

New battery research closely around the tai "let customer satisfaction is our only pursuit" the core idea, and the depth of the user interaction, adopt end-to-end docking mode, early intervention of the user's product development, to provide users with comprehensive product solutions, participation and development together with the users, from the perspective of customers, omni-directional meets user requirements and can bring profits.

Four, research and development characteristics

Civilian goods research and development, product innovation, and promote products based on market demand of engineering product innovation is given priority to, make innovation stimulate the market, return on the market, bring added value, pay attention to fast, low cost, high quality provide users with value of products and services.

Military products research and development: is given priority to with technology development, focus on the core technology, attach importance to technological innovation, innovation comes from the national security, to ensure that the military industry equipment, to provide users with high performance, high quality, high reliability products.

Production: with the top scientific research institutions, and industry customers to establish long-term cooperative partnership, joint development of cooperation pattern, form a "production", "produce learn pin" the integration of innovative research and development mechanism.

With industry experts, universities, research institutions, tsinghua university, ms, zhengzhou university established a strategic cooperative partnership, common development.

With shaanxi blue ocean electric co., LTD. Long-term strategic cooperative partnership

With the ministry of railways institute of Qingdao sifang long-term strategic cooperative partnership

With avic fly a courtyard nine technology partners

With avic 601 technology partners

Henan normal university department of physics technology partners

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